The Complete Curated Style Service Offering

The Complete Curated Style Service Offering

My life's passion is women's wardrobes.

During my 4 years at university I spent more than my free time (yes, I skipped class to go to work!) at Nicci Boutique in the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre. There I got to learn so much about retail and consumers, women's shopping habits and I also met my very first wardrobe client. I remember the exact moment, standing in front of her amazing closet, that I knew that this was my calling.

While growing up, I was the one who knew what the contents of every closet/ cupboard in our entire house was. If you needed to locate something, just ask Madeline ;) I spent hours going through every family members' wardrobe; discarding and organizing. I was impressed with the containers and labels my mother used to keep everything in the kitchen cupboards perfectly organised. I was absolutely fascinated with the contents of her wardrobe too; filled to the brim with clothes and keepsakes. I remember high heeled shoes in every colour imaginable, perfectly stored in high rows of stacked shoe boxes. I remember her jewellery; going through each box and putting on every piece. I live for wardrobes and I love the things they keep.

My career that started out in sales & buying turned into a full-time clothing, accessories and personal styling business in 2009, that I ran from my home. In 2013 I opened a small boutique store, InBloom Studio, in Pretoria. The high demands of running a retail store and being a mom of three, didn't allow much time for my wardrobe clients. And I missed it terribly.

Fast forward to NOW; my season of hard choices, failure(s), change and painful growth is over. I've taken stock, I've spent time planning, analysing and researching and I am extremely proud to share with you what I have been working on (and dreaming about) for more than a year.

My Curated Style Service Offering is a range of highly specialized and exclusive wardrobe services:

Each service is unique and custom-tailored to the needs of every individual client. My studies, training, skills and experience in this specific field has made it possible for me to create these consultation packages in a way that no one else can offer or copy.

I'll share more information in blog articles & in social media posts going up weekly, about what each of my services includes and what the future holds for Curated Style. x m

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