Master Wardrobe Session

Curated Style SA

Regular price R 3,900.00

A full, proper, three-hour Wardrobe Consultation.

(Price excludes travel to destinations more than 30km outside of Pretoria).

What is a Master Wardrobe Session?

☆The process of taking complete control of your appearance by starting with your existing wardrobe☆

What to expect?

Once I receive your booking confirmation, you will receive a questionnaire via email or Google Forms link. I require that you complete the questions as thoroughly as you can and return the completed questionnaire at least 7 days before your consultation.

Depending on your specific requirements and the size of your wardrobe, there are some "homework" to be done before our session.

On the day of your wardrobe consultation I come to your home to identify the items that you already own that fit you well and we can use. Many clients have pieces that they have either forgotten about or don't know how to wear, and one of my goals is to identify these items and help you create new outfit combinations with the items that you already own.

Once all your existing pieces are examined we establish a focussed wardrobe ‘skeleton’ or capsule. These are the items that form the base of any good wardrobe – and we develop your unique wardrobe plan according to that what you already own and items that you will need in the months and seasons to come.

I spend time organizing your closet according to the methods I have learnt to work best. I place items in the most efficient and accessible positions, allowing you to easily get dressed by identifying & combining outfits you love, on your own.

By the end of your wardrobe session we would have identified the gaps in your wardrobe by creating a shopping list specifically around you and your wardrobe and style needs.

Once you are ready to purchase new items, you can book a shopping session and I will accompany you on a personal shopping trip too.

• Additional Hours are billed at R 850 per hour. No exceptions.

• Travel to destinations 30km outside of Pretoria is charged at R 7 per/ km.