Day 16 to 30 of my #septemberfashionchallenge

Day 16 to 30 of my #septemberfashionchallenge

I'm humbly grateful for each and every woman who has taken part in Day 1 to Day 15 of the September Fashion Challenge, so far.

"Thank you for sharing your outfits on Instagram, sending your images to me directly or you, yes you, quietly taking part in a work- or social group, wherever you are in the world."

The number of messages I've received just blew me away. Not everyone submitted their images, but they all communicated the same message to me: how much they enjoy the challenge, how much they have learnt about the basics that a wardrobe should have and that they can already see how many options they will have by adding these functional and versatile items into their respective wardrobes. This is EXACTLY what the challenge is about!

 Up until now... 

Looks Day 16 to Day 30

The next few days' outfits are built around some of the items that you wore somewhere between Day 1 and Day 15. For others, you will have to add in a trendy item that are in stores now or a statement item that you also may have in your wardrobe, but don't wear that often. Interpret and make each day YOUR OWN... here we go!

Day 16 - Old Money Style. Choose and wear any three favourite items you wore during Day 1 to Day 15 in an outfit together. Add some "Old Money"-accessories and details to your outfit : an old school peak cap, a fancy watch, a silk scarf in your ponytail, mix chunky rings and chunky earrings in gold and pearls or wear your biggest, blackest pair

old money style old money style old money style


Day 17 - Get Graphic. Wear a bright or graphic tee with any one of your Day 1 to Day 15 basic bottoms. Make the outfit your own by choosing your shoes and accessories to elevate the look. I'll go for chunky and/ or statement.

 graphic tee styled graphic tee styled 


Day 18 - Yes To The Dress. Wear a favourite, colourful or printed dress. If it's cool, wear a jacket (Day 2, Day 4 or Day 8) and sneakers or a sandal. Also layer on your fine gold, silver or rose gold chains (of various lengths and thicknesses), stack your ears and fingers for an extra boho-femme finish to the look

 dress dress dress


Day 19 - Blue Jean Talk. Today dress up your favourite pair of blue jeans (Day 3) with a gorgeous, statement (anglaise, cutout, puff sleeved, printed or brightly coloured, well designed blouse and your sandals of Day 15

 dress up denim dress up denim  


Day 20 - Mono-Textures. Wear a light, neutral coloured, monochromatic


  1. containing or using only one colour]

outfit and let the focus fall on texture. Use your summer knit (Day 10) and a textured (woven grass bag, Day 12) to make the look more natural and earthy. Add in chunky gold or pearl accessories to elevate the look if you want.



Day 21 - Tropical Getaway. Let's go to a tropical paradise today by wearing a vibrant, printed-outfit. Opt for a floral dress (or skirt), a tropical-themed top paired with white shorts, linen wide legged pants with a sage or green vest. Think palm trees and sea shells all the way. Add a straw hat, oversized sunglasses, and/ or espadrilles to complete the resort-ready look



Day 22 - Casual Cool. Go for absolute, effortless coolness today with a casual outfit. Pair your plain tee with high-waisted shorts or jeans. Throw on a denim jacket (Day 4 - if it's cooler) Accessorise with a simple leather belt and sneakers for a laid-back yet stylish ensemble. I'm also doing my Curated Style peak today. Shop yours HERE



Day 23 - All White & Black. Create a chic look by wearing all-white with black accessories. If this is too trendy for you, wear a great black-and-white outfit. This minimalist approach in an outfit exudes sophistication in this summer heat.



Day 24 - Print Clash. Today is a little street style challenge for all of you; mix and match bold prints. Combine a patterned top with a contrasting patterned bottom. Or, wear a patterned dress and use a contrasting patterned bag.



Day 25 - Sunset Glam. Dress up today as if you are going to a sunset soirée. Wear a stylish dress (Day 14) and add metallic or jewel-toned accessories like a bag or statement jewellery. You could do strappy sandals or wedges as a touch of elegance. Remember your sunset-inspired makeup (add in a little bronzer for the beach babe glow!) and capture the golden hour in your photos. You only live once!



Day 26 - City Chic. Today we embrace city style (yes, even if you live in a small town) with a sleek and sophisticated outfit. Wear your blazer (Day 8) paired with tailored shorts or classic cut pants (Day 7). Add elegant heels or flat summer sandals (Day 15). This ensemble is perfect for a summer day in the city.



Day 27 - 90's Revival. Give a nod to the past by featuring a 90's-inspired item in your outfit OR if you're up for it, wear a complete 90's-vibe outfit. Think grunge, oversized flannel shirts, baggy jeans, platform sneakers and a mix of minimalist and bold, colourful patterns.



Day 28 - Shopaholic. Wear your most recent purchase today and tell me why you bought it and with which of your Day 1 to Day 15 basics, you can wear it. #ihopeits3



Day 29 - Texas Tux. One of my favourites. You know it; denim on denim. Remember, it doesn't have to be blue on blue. Use grey, beige, charcoal and black denim too



Day 30 - Wardrobe Planner. Gorgeous outfits take much less effort,  coordination or planning than you may think (and have learnt through participating in this challenge). If you have all the right, good and quality basics, you can create amazing looks by adding your personal touch with the details; items true to your style essence, items of colour, print, interest or design details.

For today, plan your own outfits for five days using any five themes of my 30-Day Fashion Challenge. Day 1 to 15 looks HERE

Share two images with me today:

  • one of your outfit in either a flat lay or styled on you and
  • one of your plan for the next four days.

You can do AND enjoy this; teach yourself new ways to wear your items using Pinterest. There are fantastic prizes to win daily!


I cannot wait to see your looks!

m x


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  • The next few days look amazing! I cannot wait to try these amazing outfits! You are the best! xxx

    Littish Swarts

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