Join my 2023 Spring Fashion Challenge

Join my 2023 Fashion Challenge

I'm definitely doing the #septemberfashionchallenge for my fashion-community and followers again! This one is going to be a better and a bigger challenge than the three previous challenges we've done; read carefully! Apart from the prizes that can be won (from day 16 to 30), this challenge should teach you three main things:

1. Which basics should be in your wardrobe for Spring and Summer every year. The point is to add them in if you do not have them. Where possible, we will try find suitable versions of the items featured in Day 1 to Day 15 in stores at the moment.

These items are key purchases; where you invest time to try on and find the best possible version that fit you properly and make you feel good about yourself. Buy the best quality versions of these items. These items are simple and you carry them over from season to season, from year to year, and replace religiously if they are "tired".

2. How certain wardrobe base items can be incorporated in a number of ways to create stylish (elevated) looks, even if they are casual. Your clothes are meant to be worn in a number of different ways.

3. You can enjoy your own clothes and you can do more than you think with what you have; you may need items here or there, but most women have a number of garments they can learn to wear. This is your chance.

Take Part

Take part by joining in on the challenge on Instagram. You don't need to post/ share your outfits on Instagram, you can choose to share with me and my team privately/ publicly.

Tag @curated_style_sa and/ or @madeliefietjie if you do decide to share your outfits publicly, we'd love to see them and reward you with a prize.

You do not need to take part every day to win a prize. We will choose our ten to fifteen favourite looks, daily. Depending on the type of the prize* up for grabs, we will either share a daily or weekly winner for the specific prizes. *If you or your company want to sponsor a prize for one of our outfit winners, please complete this form here.

Use the "hashtags"

  • #springfashionchallenge
  • #septemberfashionchallenge
  • #CSfashionchallenge
  • #CSchallenge2023

REMEMBER to tag and mention us so we can see and share your looks.

Looks Day 1 to Day 15

Day 1 - Do your best with a summer coat. A thin trench or rain jacket in either a light, neutral colour or a dark, neutral colour. Tip - try keep the rest of your outfit in similar tones


    Day 2 - Dress up any other jacket (NOT a blazer!) in your your wardrobe. This can either be a thin leather jacket or a shacket (shirt-jacket) in either a light neutral or dark neutral colour. If it’s hot, layer lightly so you can take off during the day and layer back on as it gets cooler towards the afternoon








    Day 3 - Do your best with your favourite pair of blue jeans & some light or dark neutrals                                                                 








    Day 4 - Dress up your best denim jacket         








      Day 5 - Play it cool with your denim shirt today 

      Day 6 - Don a good blouse - you know, that good old faithful in either a light neutral or a dark neutral colour     








        Day 7 - A classy pair of pants that form part of your "smart-casual separates suit" - DON'T wear the blazer today, we’re wearing the blazer tomorrow ;) 








          Day 8 - Do your favourite spring/ summer seasonal blazer in an outfit today; preferably a light neutral or a dark neutral                








            Day 9 - Wear either a light neutral, a dark neutral or a stripe t-shirt YOUR way today                                          








            Day 10 - Dress up either a light neutral or a dark neutral sweater top, cardigan or summer knit today                                                     

            Day 11 - Rock any other light neutral or dark neutral bottom today. Try doing one of these two looks: with sandals/ ankle boots and your jacket from Day 3 as a dressier look OR one with your denim jacket from Day 4 and sneakers for a more casual look                                                








            Day 12 - Show me your #1leather or woven bag for the summer season 








              Day 13 - Show off your latest sneaker purchase or the sneaker you most enjoy wearing with summer shorts, summer dresses and cropped jeans. Tip - you score extra brownie-points if your choice is our own White Leather sneaker                    








              Day 14 - Wear either a light, neutral coloured or dark, neutral coloured dress. Tip - if it's cool today, try one of these two looks: a dress with sandals/ ankle boots and your jacket from Day 2 as a dressier look OR a dress with your denim jacket from Day 4 and sneakers for a more casual look

                Day 15 - Show me which will be your go to light, neutral (nude, tan, metallic) sandal for this season.             








                  And that’s Day 1 to Day 15 wrapped up!

                  Every single, summer-wardrobe needs the minimum of these basic items; it doesn’t matter how old or young, tall or short, fat or skinny you are. Own, love and feel confident in each version one of the items used in the looks above.

                  The more versions of these basic items you have, the better equipped you are to wear your favourite seasonal colours, prints and items of style and interest in more ways than in just one outfit - more about this in Day 16 to Day 30!

                  Enjoy and share your looks with us x


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