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No, literally. I can change yóúr life. Please read through this beautiful testimonial that a dear client wrote about our session together.

"To create living space

Caution : Beware of serious fashion overload

The huge heap of clothing on the picture attached, is indeed the insurmountable mountain in my life.   If I saved a cent each time I promised myself that I would sort out my wardrobe ...   you catch my drift.

I know it doesn’t make sense to be so attached to my clothes.   They are worldly goods, I know.   The other day in church, the preacher reminded us not to be concerned about what we will wear or eat tomorrow, because God always provides in his children’s needs.

But ... a wardrobe defines its wearer.   What I wear today, reflects the me the world must see.  My clothes must project a strong, confident woman in control.  The clothes are supposed to cover and balance a multitude of self perceived flaws.   I need to appear strong, happy and safe in my own skin.

Some time ago, we had to downscale and move to a smaller place.   The downscaling seriously affected all our possessions, except, of course, my wardrobe.  I point blank refused the  “what ifs”, “maybe one days” and the “it is still so beautifuls”  to end up in refuse bags and dropped off at the Salvation Army.

I knew, however, that I seriously needed help.   I simply cannot carry on hanging on to unnecessary “feathers” any longer.

I “met” her on the internet and the entire process kicked off with me having to honestly complete a questionnaire and physically empty my entire wardrobe on my bed – shoes, bags, scarves – each and every item.   (Eeeeeeeeeeek!!!   I know!   Sickening)

And then she arrived at my house.   Very enthusiastic and dynamic: my very own, personal and beautiful  Miracle Worker.    I, on the other hand, wished  I could hide in a little corner like ugly Cinderella.   This was a humbling experience.   This lady has guts and loads of chutzpah in the best sense imaginable;   to enter my very private space, my bedroom, where my weaknesses were displayed in haphazard fashion.

Without me even noticing, she gently focused my attention on what was important.   By asking specific questions, I realised that my responses illustrated my weaknesses.    Not once during the entire process did she make me feel judged or humiliated.  She gently guided me to the point where I  had to call “Enough”.     I refuse to end up in the same overpowering predicament ever again.

An important switch clicked “on” and I started looking at each item in the mountain with fresh eyes.   While she was asking me numerous questions,  I started making the first decision to let go.  The mountain “To Go” started growing at an alarming rate.   It became easier and almost addictive to feed the new mountain and empty my wardrobe and mind.

With a twinkle in her eyes and a wide smile, she warned me that this process might overflow to the rest of my house.  In my mind’s eye, I was already thinking about my husband’s wardrobe and then my little girl’s J   I’m looking at my wall hangings and portraits and thinking – maybe some of them should go ...

I was surely getting rid of this heavy load of belongings on my shoulders : almost half of my wardrobe was on its way to new owners.  In the meantime, she was busily making notes, organising my wardrobe according to colour and season and she gave me great hints,  good advice and a practical eye.   She changed my wardrobe to an almost “holy” space which she achieved with wisdom and a caring heart.   Even though totally beyond my comfort zone, the whole process was a cleansing exercise par excellence.

I’m still experiencing the amazing relief and liberation of “travelling” lighter with less, but a whole lot better.

This is the turning point from where my entire attitude towards dressing and clothing have changed dramatically.   On my own, I would still have been suffocating in an overpowering wardrobe.   I had to get help.   This entire process of kindness and lending a helping hand, saved me.

Thank you, dearest Madeline Rossouw.  Your kindness activated the change in my attitude;   one which empowered me.   By sharing your power with me, you have enabled me to change my dressing ethics : one which creates open and beautiful spaces.   You have a wonderful talent which you gladly and willingly share with those around you.

You will always be my Miracle Worker and I,  your most willing and voluntary Cinderella."

(Translated by Nelia Van Der Westhuizen)


If ever you want to do something good for yourself, book a three hour session with me. I want to take your hand and work through my process that is unique and effective. It is based on a very amazing & beneficial psychological theory. I love seeing my clients happy, excited, inspired and motivated after our sessions.

x m

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