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My Personal Diamond PRP Experience

Around this time last week, I had my very first and hopefully not my last, Diamond PRP treatment. 

What an essential experience! I decided that I had to write an honest review, like I do with all my little skin discoveries over the last few years. If I can inspire or educate anyone through my quest to beat the effects of gravity and time on my own skin, I'm happy to share.

What is Diamond PRP?

PRP is the abbreviation for Platelet-rich Plasma. It is a revolutionary technology using the ingredients of your own blood to help regenerate and rejuvenate your skin, proving you with age-defying results. Yay!

How does it work?

In non-medical terms.

1. The doctor, in this case my friend, Dr Gerda Olmesdahl of the Noviskin Dermatology & Aesthetic Medical practise in Brooklyn Pretoria, draws two viles of blood from your arm like a standard blood test

2. The blood is placed in a centrifuge that spins at a rapid speed to separate your blood components. The Plasma Rich Placelets (PRP) are then drawn up and injected into the required areas using a very fine needle

Diamond prp injections

3. The remainder of your placelet rich plasma is then applied topically after micro-needling

Micro needling with prp

You can read more about the benefits of micro-needling with PRP here.

Micro-needling with prp

How much does it cost?

Although the price of this specific treatment varies from practise to practise, Dr Olmesdahl charges R 4250 per treatment.

How often should the treatment be repeated?

Research and results have shown that the best results are obtained if you have your second treatment two to three weeks after your initial treatment.

After the two initial treatments DIAMOND PRP is performed every four months or three times per year. If Botox and fillers are part of your anti-aging, rejuvenation regime DIAMOND PRP is recommended one to two weeks before or after your treatment.

Why did I love it?

This procedure provided me with a youthful, overall glow and vibrant complexion. The long-term benefits is that it improves your overall skin health, with age defying results 🍑 plump & peachy 

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