Holiday Packing for Self-catering Accommodation (for large families)

Holiday Packing 

I know this blog is quite different from my other recent blogs; I want to use my platform to share all my tips and hacks that I've learnt through my years as a wife, mom & stepmom - not limited to fashion, make-up and beauty only ;) 

Since becoming a large, blended family in 2018, our family holidays look slightly different from what they used to (pre-divorce & getting re-married).

kids in 2018

When the kids were much younger, we wanted the flexibility offered by self-catering accommodation to be able to have space and options (especially in the kitchen) to accommodate our five children in their various phases of life. Five years on, nothing has changed. When we go away as a family of seven, we choose self-catering units as it works for us.

Although most self-catering units have a number of items available for you to use, I'll share my complete lists of what I pack extra.

These are the main categories of lists I work from:

  • Kitchen & General
  • Food
  • Beach & Swimming
  • First Aid
  • Entertainment

Kitchen & General List

  • foil
  • cling wrap
  • zip lock bags
  • plastic containers (various sizes for leftovers and snacks to the beach)
  • moka pot
  • washing liquid
  • dish cloths, brush & sponges
  • kitchen towels
  • pretty serviettes
  • garbage bags
  • hand wash
  • insect repellant & mosquito spray
  • waterbottles for kids
  • own pillows for those who want their own :)

Food List

  • small olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • braai salt
  • marinade(s)
  • ground coffee
  • tea
  • sugar
  • sweetener
  • honey
  • rusks
  • butter
  • peanut butter
  • jam(s)
  • chutney
  • tomato sauce
  • mayonaise
  • worcestershire sauce
  • vegetable spices
  • bread - frozen rye/sourdough (1x per day)
  • crackers
  • pancake mix (breakfast)
  • cooking oil
  • braaipap :)
  • eggs
  • bacon and/ or sausages
  • chicken strips
  • burger patties
  • sweet potato fries
  • wraps
  • cheese
  • cream
  • milk
  • breakfast cereals
  • bars
  • snacks
  • fruit (apples, bananas, berries)
  • pre-made meals - lasagne, meatballs, pulled lamb, potato bake, "pampoentert" & "mielietert"
  • drinks
  • bottled water (bulk)

Beach & Swimming List

  • beach and pool towels
  • sunscreens
  • aftersun
  • tanning oil
  • beach pillows
  • camping chairs
  • smaller snack cooler box for the beach
  • beach toys including beach paddle, frisbee, rugby & soccer balls
  • gazebo
  • beach umbrella

First Aid List

(feel free to substitute with your own preferred brands of medicine, this is what I use)

  • Savlon/ Dettol
  • Sterimar spray (I use this to clean grass burns and other small wounds)
  • Band Aids, other plasters & bandages
  • Ointments like Bactroban, Germaline and/ or Betadine
  • Allergex, Texa, Telfast or Fexo 120 for allergies 
  • Allergex ointment for insect bites
  • Mybulen (Myprodol) and Panado tablets for pain & fever
  • Neurofen suspension
  • Buscopan for stomach cramps
  • Imodium for runny tummies
  • Tasectan adult & paediatric
  • Valoid for nausea
  • Kantrexil (prescription needed, but I keep a dose in my medicine box when we travel and replace when opened or expired) 
  • Pro- & prebiotics
  • Corenza
  • Acc 200/ Acc 600
  • Echinacea tablets
  • Tonzolyt
  • Throat spray & throat lozenges
  • Rinex flu syrup (kids)
  • Sterile eye drops
  • General daily supplements - Vitamin C, Krill Oil, Vitamin D3, Berocca effervescent tablets for a boost if someone needs it

 Entertainment List

  • puzzle(s) - depending on how long you are away and what the weather conditions are like
  • Boggle
  • Uno
  • decks of cards
  • any other board games that you like to play as a family
  • sport equipment like tennis racquets & balls, soccer and rugby balls
  • fishing rods & supplies
  • charcoal or briquettes
  • firelighters & matches/ lighter

I hope this makes your packing less stressful. I work off this list when we go away for weekends or on longer trips and adapt where I see fit. Comments and suggestions are very welcome xx m

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