Some Parisian Style in SA

It turns out one does not have to be born in Paris to have Parisian style or live & dress like a #Parisian.

After spending a few weeks in France over the last two years, I am very much consumed with the Parisian way// their style, beauty, food, drinks (champagne!), products, cosmetics and the way of life.

French flair has completely mesmerized me and I’ve been editing the way I style my own life and wardrobe and my clients' wardrobes since getting back to South Africa. The simple principle of


is absolute the new rhythm of my approach to buying and organising. With such limited space (in their closets and in their Parisian homes) clutter is not welcome anywhere.

I'm inspired to get by with less clutter in life – in my home and in my wardrobe. I've been thinking about every piece I choose to add to my life and it has been rewarding.

I’ve always been an advocate for “Quality Over Quantity” but with all my new #Frenchfluence and drive, I’ve decided to take my own style, and those of my clients, to the next level.

Here’s what I’ve learnt on how to step lightly around the fashion traps of the day and inspire your very own Parisian style// in attitude & in dress. A brand new state of mind.

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  • A Parisian is a free spirit.
  • Her personal style is the most important thing to her and she wear only what suits her well.
  • She will never buy an outfit (a matching top & bottom) from the same store. She rather mixes items from different stores to achieve the look she wants.
  • Cheap(est) and chic are two of the words that drive her most favorite purchases.
  • She demands quality.
  • Her definition of luxury is a brand that guarantees great taste rather than an all-too expensive price tag.
  • Logo’s are definitely not her thing.
  • A Parisian don’t do “bling”. Shine is reserved to the diamond on her finger or the studs in her ears.
  • Discovering new labels (especially the affordable and creative ones).
  • She would just as easily buy a great find at Monoprix (similar to our Makro) or at a fantastic, high end boutique on Champs-Elyssee.
  • Her wardrobe consists of a clever mix of reliable pieces, items she bought whilst travelling & a few luxury pieces – all of which spark tremendous joy in her life.
  • Wearing what fits well is a secret weapon of a true Frenchie and she always feels great in what she wears.
  • A Parisian shops with savvy: she keeps a clear head when faced with an abundance of choices and therefor never sits with items in her wardrobe that she will never wear.

For help on how to add true French Flair to your own wardrobe, click here.

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