Day Three - Embracing the blue jean in 2024

#MenlynStyleChallenge Day Three

Embracing the Blue Jean in 2024

Day three is a celebration of the timeless appeal of the blue jean and we're exploring the diverse and trendy options available this year. By styling your favourite pair of blue (or black or grey) jeans, I trust all the participants in the #StyleChallenge are going to show off the versatility of this item as a perennial favourite in the wardrobe. Some style insights for you:

  • The unmatched comfort of a jean - blue jeans are a wardrobe staple; loved for comfort and adaptability. Whether it's a classic pair of skinny jeans, a trendy wide-legged style or a playful cropped pair; the inherent comfort of denim makes it an enduring choice for any occasion.


jeans aesthetic levi's menlyn style challenge
  •  Skinny jeans - your "timeless silhouette and endless versatility" jean option in 2024. The skinny jean remains a classic style and this year we're balancing the fitted silhouette of the skinny jean with oversized and flowy tops. This contrast adds a touch of relaxed elegance to your look. Tuck in the top slightly at the front to highlight your waist without compromising comfort.


skinny jean oversized shirt diesel menlyn style challenge
skinny jean oversized t-shirt menlyn style challenge
  • Mom jeans - your "vintage vibe" jean option in 2024. Since making a strong comeback a couple years back, the mom jean has become a favourite with South African women as it offers the wearer a relaxed, vintage-inspired silhouette. Since most mom jeans feature a high waist, they are ideal for defining the waistline. Elevate your look by adding a trendy belt to accentuate those curves.


mom jean levi's style challenge menlyn park
  • Cropped flare - your "playful and flirty" jean option in 2024. These styles are perfect to show off statement footwear. Since cropped jeans draw attention to your ankle area it is the perfect jean style to pair your statement footwear with. Anything goes, from strappy sandals to chunky vibrant sneakers and ankle boots. The exposed ankle area conveys a playful and stylish vibe.


cropped flare jean menlyn style challenge
cropped flare jean menlyn style challenge
  • Bootcut jeans - your "dressed up" jean option in 2024. The bootcut jean is the perfect item to achieve a streamlined look, especially if worn with heels. You can easily enhance the elongating effect of the slight flare of the bootcut jean by seamlessly adding a heeled sandal or wedged shoe for a flattering look.
bootcut jeans heels outfit menlyn style challenge
flare jean menlyn style challenge curated style


This should all inspire you to have a slightly better understanding of the denim trends for the year and styling each style variant with some extra know-how and confidence x m

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