Day Seven - Mastering the art of playing with patterns

#MenlynStyleChallenge Day Seven

Pattern Play; mastering the art of wearing and mixing prints

On this final day of the #7DayMenlynStyleChallenge we're unlocking the secrets of print perfection.

Whether you're playing at expert level with enough confidence and flair to mix prints like a pro or if you really battle with incorporating even the most basic of prints into your wardrobe/ outfits, these expert tips should help you elevate your style through print:

  • Understanding scale and proportion - know that size matters! Whether it's a bold floral or subtle polka dot print, consider the scale. If you are choosing an item for your busty top half, rather opt for a medium sized print as too large prints can emphasise the size of the large bust. Also, a small scale print can look like there is too much of it covering the already prominent area.  Medium sized prints are generally the safest route.

 mixing prints style challenge

  • A unified colour palette lets you create harmony with hues - In the canvas of your wardrobe, you can create a masterpiece by unifying your prints through a shared color palette. By coordinating the colours of your printed piece with other items, will ensure a seamless blend in your outfit. A unified color palette transforms your look into a coherent, chic expression of style, making the print stand out like a stroke of paint on the fashion canvas.

 mixing prints style challenge

  • Balancing boldness - the key here is to let your best print steal the spotlight. To do this effectively, you should balance the bolder print with either a slightly more subdued/ neutral print or a texture rich neutral item.

 mixing prints style challenge curated style

  • Pattern play with mixing prints - when mixing prints, the best way to do it is by combining an organic print, like florals or animal prints, with a geometric print such as stripes, polka dots or checks. This adds a touch of pro to your ensemble while keeping it chic and playful.

 mix prints style challenge curated style

mix prints style challenge curated style sa

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