2024 Boosters

A question I get asked on a very regular basis (and no, I don't think I am anything special, but for some reason the women around me think I have my ducks in a row...I don't...BUT I'm committed to get up every day and try get them there ;) ) is how I manage to get everything that I do, done.

It's the beginning of a new year and I'm committed to help as many women I can help (in any way possible) feel better about themselves and their lives, this year. I've created this little blog entry called my "2024 Boosters". These are not tips. This is merely a list of things I have found to boost my productivity and the amount of things I get done daily, weekly, monthly and ultimately, yearly.

Use what you want, and leave the rest.

2024 Boosters

  • Woolworths Dash and Checkers Sixty60 deliveries
  • Packing kids' school lunch boxes at night instead of in the mornings before school
  • Listening to educational podcasts whilst in traffic/ driving to clients #trafficuniversity
  • Drink more water (I try finish three Stanley 700ml bottles per day)
  • Drink less wine (I go Monday to Friday with not a sip of alcohol)
  • Charging my phone in a different room at night
  • A glass of water or my #StanleyWaterBottle next to my bed. If I don't drink during the night, I drink at least a glass full directly when I wake up
  • Beating the sun up (I get up at 4h35 on most days)
  • Following a set routine for the first hours after I wake up
  • No devices (messages, emails, Whatsapps or social media) before 8am
  • Taking the first load of laundry with me as I leave my room in the morning
  • Asking for help...
  • Cooking with more vegetables
  • Going for regular walks outside in my garden or in the neighbourhood
  • Keeping good sunscreen in my handbag
  • Not keeping clothes that I do not wear (I sell my items on my Yaga-store)
  • Cleaning out my car every day or so
  • Taking vitamin and mineral supplements daily like Omega3, pre- & pro-biotics, Vitamin C, magnesium and L-glutamine
  • Giving my children vitamin and mineral supplements regularly
  • I avoid drama queens, negativity kings, #gaslighters and bad people as much as I can

This all helps me be the best version I can be, with what I currently know. Maybe you find it helpful too x 

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