Individual Wardrobe Masterclass | In-person, One-on-One

Individual Wardrobe Masterclass | In-person, One-on-One

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Individual Wardrobe Masterclass | In-person, One-on-One

My individual Wardrobe Masterclass is an in-person class for women who do not feel comfortable attending or interacting in group classes.

Please contact me for a personal quote if you stay outside the Pretoria/ Johannesburg-area and would like to make use of this service.

Following the same format as a group class, your individual, one-on-one class is a three hour, breakfast-session where I teach you everything there is to teach about creating your dream closet for yourself.

In a typical class we address:

  • Your mindset regarding your clothes & wardrobe. I will introduce you to your new way of thinking. Perception is everything.
  • Identifying your style essence; finding out who you are and getting to how those characteristics are visible through the way you dress. (Not putting you in a style box by limiting you to a single style personality).
  • Your guide and complete HOW TO guide, to do my thorough, master detox. From start to finish, just like I do it for my clients in our private, master wardrobe sessions.
  • Building your base with YOU and your individual style essence in mind.
  • Basic elements of style: knowing your proportions, volume and balance, complexity and order.
  • Some principles of good fit, clothing care and the 101 on colour 🤍🤎🖤
  • How to incorporate current trends per season
  • Making your shopping list and how to build from there

Book now; change your wardrobe, change your life forever!