The Full Theory on Fit// Part 2

The Full Theory on Fit

Part 2

In Part 1 of The Full Theory on Fit, I wrote down all my principles of good fit for underwear, tops and jackets. Now, finally, in part 2 - we're addressing what to look at when trying on pants & jeans, skirts and dresses.

Pants & Jeans

Did you know, that on AVERAGE you may have to try on 15 pairs of jeans before finding the correct fit?
All of our bodies are different, and so are the pants/ jeans styles and sizes that we try on and buy. It takes time to get the perfect match for your build. If you stand in front of a mirror and the front of your jeans are creased into a "smile" it means that they are too tight.
If the front of your pants are a little bit saggy, like a "frown" they are a bit too loose.
Years ago synthetic fibres were not present in almost every garment. I mean, jeans couldn't stretch at all! These days, almost every jean/ pair of pants are stretchy, so:
  • my best tip is to buy pants that are a little snug at first. Have a look inside the label: if pants contain Lycra or Spandex they will stretch a little with wear. The more they contain of these, or other similar fibers, the more they will stretch with wear.
Remember that most fibres in textiles need special care to last longer:
  1. Don't wash your jeans/ pants after every wear. Hang them over a chair or hanger to air, and after 24 hours pack away until the next wear.
  2. When it is time for a wash (say after 2 or 3 wears), do not use any fabric softener and choose to air dry your jeans rather than putting them into the dryer.

The better care you take of the textile your garment is made of, the more wear you will get out of your items.

More tips:

A.) The waistband of your jeans should fit snug, but not tight. You should not have to wrestle or struggle into your jeans. You shouldn't have to suck in your tummy to fasten them either.

B.) Check the front pockets of your pants/ jeans. They should lie flat and not gape open or pull. I normally have my seamstress sew my front pockets closed. In my almost 36 years I've never used my jeans/ pants' front pockets for anything.

C.) When you sit down, the back of your jeans should not gape open or fall so low as to show even the tiniest bit of 'crack'.

D.) When trying on pants/ jeans to buy, you want to be able to move about, bend over, reach and sit down comfortably.

E.) The rise of your pants/ jeans (where the waist band sits on your torso) should suit your comfort and your preference for your body proportions and it should stay in place as you move around. You really shouldn’t need to be pulling your jeans up or down throughout the day. If this is the case, keep hunting! My favorite friend (client) calls this rise, a "mik". So if ever you hear me say: "Jou mik is te laag" or "Jou mik is te hoog"  I am referring to the rise of your pants in the crotch area.


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