Bye-bye Winter!


Although I've typed out this blog earlier in August, I'm so glad I didn't post it before this freakishly cold front we woke up to on Spring day this morning.

When it's finally over, this season is ready to be packed away for good. Enough with being way too occupied with lock down, school work, hygiene, the cold and sorting out our homes.

If you are as happy as I am to be moving along to warmer days & freedom, now is the best time to make space in your wardrobe for summer items and create your most perfect, versatile, summer wardrobe to date. I'll start sharing my summer trends this week too ;)

Add these steps on your daily to-do-list to help you CLEAR OUT WINTER & INTRODUCE SUMMER.

1. Remove all coats from your wardrobe and drop them off at the local dry cleaner. You will pick them up clean, pressed & packaged in plastic, ready to be stored until next winter.

coat on arm master wardrobe planner

2. Remove all other winter jackets from your wardrobe. Empty the pockets, wash, fold & pack away. I prefer folding my jackets and storing them flat, but if your storage space is limited, hanging them in another wardrobe is also an option.

The most important thing is to keep them out of your wardrobe from which you have to choose summer outfits on a daily basis. My clients LOVE getting dressed since they split up their clothes by season.*

winter jackets in hand master wardrobe planner 

3. Wash & flat dry all your thick winter knits. I keep a few thin knits in my wardrobe for those cool and rainy summer days. The rest, all goes into storage in large plastic crates.

I spend time removing the lint (wolletjies) from each and every single one of my jerseys. It is a timely process, but taking really good care of your garments will allow you to get maximum wear out of them. This justifies spending more on garments as you get more than two seasons of wear out of each piece.

lint remover master wardrobe planner

pack away winter knits master wardrobe planner

Inside the plastic containers I use small hotel soaps to keep any unwanted creepy crawly's from entering and eating away at the threads of my special items.

4. Leather & natural rubber boots are next. Wipe & nourish. For my rubber boots/ wellies I like using the oil based boot buffer by Hunter. On my leather boots I use a good combination cleaner & protector.

clean rubber boots with buffer

clean leather boots with combination cleaner

5. Lastly clean and pack away any other winter specific items. *Remember to keep your thin leather and denim jackets in your wardrobe. These are awesome all year rounders!

master wardrobe planner

x m


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