Longchamp Roseau Leather Shoulder Tote Navy

Longchamp/ Pre-Loved

Regular price R 4,500.00

Pre-loved Longchamp Roseau shoulder tote in navy leather for sale. The bag is in a great condition // it is used, but it’s clean and looked after very well.

New, these bags cost around R 13 000. My client wants R 5000 for her bag. Her reason for selling: “I used the navy Longchamp shoulder tote daily (travelling from home to the office) and thought I will use the grey one just as much too. Turns out I only use my Louis Vuitton sling bags and know I will never use a shoulder tote again as my lifestyle has changed completely in recent months.”

It’s the perfect casual companion. I love the navy leather of and the contrast of the light blue inner! So smart and fun!!

This is a great bag if you are new to high end bag brands but would love an upgrade from regular leather options available online and in stores.