Holiday Packing Service

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Holiday Packing Service

Holiday packing can be really hard and even stressful for many.

You have an idea of how I you would like to look on your next holiday so you end up packing many garments (some especially bought!) to try create these dreamed-up holiday looks…but in reality, once you arrive at your destination, you end up wearing 20% of what you’ve packed.

Booking my two hour Holiday Packaging Service, will guarantee less baggage and better looks!

  • The garments and outfits you pack will suit your style and your type of holiday
  • You will have a holiday capsule in your suitcase which makes life easier - you feel organised, stylish and confident each day

This service entails me knowing:

  1. Your travel destination- local or abroad
  2. The length of your trip - travel time and expected stay
  3. General ideas of your itinerary and/ or lifestyle when away; beach, bush, game drives, going out, lounging in, exercise, pool, adventurous outings, brunches, etc.

The service includes two hours, on-site packing, preliminary work in preparation and a Pinterest holiday mood/ look board.