Himalayan Salt Lamp/ Natural Shape

Curated Style by M

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In my process to create Hygge - organized, beautiful spaces - in my home, I bought a few of these natural shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps and placed them around the house. They are warm, inviting and beautiful.

Although I'm not particularly focussed on the "benefits" of these types of products, I can honestly say that the light has a calming and inviting effect on me and others in my household.

For those interested in the characteristics and benefits of the lamp:

Made from pure crystalline salt found in the Great Himalayas of Pakistan, the Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp emits negatively charged ions, which work to neutralise electromagnetic radiation and provide a calming, cleansing effect. Place it in a room where electrical appliances are commonly used – the kitchen, the living room, the study – and let the natural negative ions get to work.

Families use these wonderful salt lamps to improve immune system strength, promote healthy sleeping patterns and even combat depression. Therapists, meditation instructors and spa owners also use the lamps to create a welcoming ambience, promote healing and encourage relaxation.

This beautiful lamp is available in a single size from Curated Style:

  • Medium to Large: 4.0 to 7.0 kg

The lamps use a 15-watt pygmy globe with a screw-in fitting. Both the globe and electrical lead is included.