Digital Wardrobe Consultations

Curated Style by M

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☆ Kindly contact me,, for more information regarding this service. I am re-writing my Digital Sessions to make it better! ☆


I've created a digital wardrobe consultation session for women who live far away and would like to have a sit down with me to discuss their style and wardrobes.

What you need:

  • A phone with an internet connection
  • Access to your emails, Whatsapp and Pinterest

How it works:

You can add this 'product' to your cart and upon checkout, please make sure you enter your email address correctly.

You will receive an order confirmation and once your proof of payment is received on my side, you will get an in-depth questionnaire that you should complete as thoroughly as possible and return to me.

You will then receive some detailed homework via email. You can do this whenever you find time - having kids in the home myself I know "me-time" is still a luxury for most ;)

Nonetheless, your homework will be hard work, really fun and exciting!

We'll then talk on email, Whatsapp & Pinterest about:

  • Your style personality
  • Garment styles to wear
  • Some principles of good fit
  • Wardrobe sections (capsules) for this season
  • How to incorporate current trends
  • Making your shopping list
  • Organizing your closet like a pro
  • Q & A