What The Actual .... !

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What The Actual .... !

Before my recent trip to Zanzibar (it felt so good to get my passport stamped after two years of collecting nothing but dust!) Dedré, of The Actual gifted me with some of her 18ct gold-plated pieces to wear and test. I say test because sun, sea, saltwater, sublock and high humidity - and I was (am) impressed.

I've been wearing my index-ring daily, ever since and I love how it's retaining its shine. Some other plated ranges do lose their plating over time; so far, these items have not.

What I'm wearing - with links directly to to the various product pages on The Actual's Website :


 1. Bar Necklace and 2. Bee Necklace


The Actual Accessories

1. Band Ring on my Index Finger, 2. Herringbone Pull Bracelet, 3. Thin Layer Pull Bracelet and the 4. Chain Huggie With Ear Cuff in my ear



1. Bar Necklace and 2. Bee Necklace - I LOVE this combo 
In almost every new client onboarding-questionnaire and in almost every class, someone asks about jewellery and what to buy and wear: my best tip is to buy the best value you can afford and wear only what you love.
Costume jewellery like chandelier earrings, oversized rings, plastic/ perspex bangles and large, statement necklaces have all taken a bit of a back seat in the style-bus at the moment. And can we blame them? None of these items pair well with oversized loungewear. So, as garments got bigger, jewellery got smaller and finer.
Nothing says 'chic' as much as a pairing of fine layers in gold, rose gold and white gold (or sterling silver). I love a stack of fine rings and layers of fine and medium necklaces. With jewellery becoming more refined, you don't have to choose one focus point any longer.
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