A serious case of Covid-19 | Personal Log #001

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A serious case of Covid-19

Exactly two months post-Covid and I can declare with all certainty that I am forever changed.

I am not going into the details with regard to what happens inside of you when you have Covid-19, how you feel, what you fear, nor into the trauma, guilt and anxiety that the days after Covid-19 bring. No.

Eternal optimist that I am, I am writing this blog as a Personal Log (Number 001 to be precise) to remind my future self of the steps I can take to pull “me” back to “me”. “Pull yourself towards yourself” - someone once said.

This is my Pull Strategy:

  • Sleep
  1. I’ve learnt that sleeping well is probably the single most important thing a person can do for his/ her own well-being.
  2. Since my husband and I get up every morning at 5AM (We’re not part of the club, no.) I need to get to bed before 22h00. Happy and rested me prefers being in bed by 21h00. The wind down commences at 20h00 and includes a warm bath/ shower, tea, collagen, magnesium and l-glutamine supplements and a meditation.
  • Meditate
  1. For me, my #1 “meditation” is on the Word of God. I’m also not going into detail here; this log is not about my religion. I know where I find my peace and my strength to do all the things that I am meant to do. I know where I feel safe and motivated. I know where I can do nothing wrong, where I am always welcome, always loved and where I am growing and learning because His word is Living and Forever Unfolding 🙏🏽
  2. Then, meditation like you know it. A 10-minute block breathing exercise paired with noting, a body scan or some other meditation technique, is beneficial to manage my stress and to keep me mentally sharp. Most days 😄 I currently enjoy Headspace and Exhale 
  3. Practicing gratitude is another important meditation for me. I currently enjoy Morning!  Morning! Gratitude app screengrab 
    Every morning and every evening you enter a few points into the app and you can reflect as the weeks and months go by 💗
  4. Physical exercise is the last form of meditation I practice; a healthy body houses a healthy mind! Doing 30-minutes + of any type of exercise gets me my 200 or 300 Discovery points and I’ve always felt that even a ‘shitty’ exercise is better that no exercise. Although I am currently finding myself between gymming and running programs, I am almost sure that Personal Log #002 will be about exercise…watch this space 💪🏽
  • Manage your time
  1. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Having a large family (which I love; it’s a little-girl-dream come true) means I need to plan everything as far ahead as I possibly can. My big, black diary and my notebooks are my best companions. So is the Google Calendar on my phone. I cannot live without the Any.do app either With a little help from my friends, there is now a basic weekly meal plan which makes life so much easier. I book out 3 x two-hour, consecutive time-slots every Monday for personal and household errands and shopping, organising everything for everyone for that week, following up on client sessions and doing my work and home admin. This really sets the tone for the week. If something comes up, I know I can jump in because everything else is done.
  2. Make your bed, exercise first thing and eat a good breakfast. Win the morning and you’ll win the day.


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